March 27th 2011

A Website Donated by Pixel and RU donated to Howell Peer Leadership by PixelProgression and Revolution Unlimited

PixelProgression and Revolution Unlimited have donated a website to the Howell Peer Leadership program. This donation included the design and posting of a custom website including the school's logos as well as free hosting for one year on PixelProgression's web server.

You've probably seen these types of fundraisers before - you purchase a discount card from an organization looking to raise funds for their organization. Usually, these types of cards cost between $10-$30 and the proceeds from each card benefit the organization selling them. These cards are to be used at participating local retailers and restaurants to receive discounts at the respective establishment.

Normally, these organizations are able to print all of the offered discounts on the card itself. However, in this case, there were so many local business's that offered a discount that the Howell Peer Leadership program needed an easy way to show people who were buying the card what discounts were available. One of the first ideas that they had thought of was to create a website that they could print the URL on the card instead of a long list of discounts.

After contacting us, we realized that their need was to generate funds for their school with as little overhead as possible. After agreeing upon a design, we offered the website to Howell Peer Leadership free of cost including one year of free hosting!