Website Development

October 21st 2010

Content Management System

Update your website directly with our Content Management System

Making changes to your website on a consistent basis is important - important to keep your users coming back, important for search engine optimization and important to make your website look credible.

Our Content Management System(CMS) is customized for each of our client's websites. Along with the ability to easily create and edit pages on your website, the CMS can be setup to allow for blogging, image uploads to your website and exporting to excel - just to name a few.

A Glimpse at our CMS

This is a screenshot of the CMS we have customized for Pennsylvania Dutch Design. The illustration shows how PDD inserts new products into their website. They have the ability to create the product, edit the properties and text, change the group it belongs to and even upload pictures.

Our clients and Their Custom CMS Features

All of our clients have the ability to edit all of the text and images on the pages of their website through the CMS. Creation of pages is also possible. Some of the customization factors to the CMS for our clients have been listed below.

Pennsylvania Dutch Design

Features include:

  • Add and Edit Products
  • Upload Product Images
  • Select Related Products
  • Select Specific Wood/Stains per Product
  • Add and edit Articles/Blogs
  • View Contact Form Submissions
  • Export "PDD Insider" Information to CSV Format
  • More to Come - E-Commerce Functionality Soon!
  • Foster and Adoptive Family Services Foundation

    Features include:

  • View Contact Form Submissions
  • View Participant Report for Hosted Events - CSV Format
  • View Donor Report for Hosted Events - CSV Format

    Features include:

  • Add and Edit Pages
  • Add and Edit Articles
  • Export of Contact Submission List
  • Future Improvements - Calendar Scheduling
  • Related Article

  • Our CMS Demo on