Website Development

November 6th 2011

1&1 My Website - Expensive!

Would you really want to invest $203.76 into your website EVERY YEAR?

As a website developer, PixelProgression is always keeping an eye on competition and it's respective pricing. Recently we've seen multiple commercials for 1&1 My Website offering their website services. The commercial boasts about all of the things that you can do with their service, including the ability to customize your template-style website with your own custom text and images. All of the changes can be made in a simple interface that requires no web experience. They even offer a 30 day free trial.

But did you see the * in small print?

Every ad has some fine print, and these commercials aren't any different.

What this fine print really should say is that if you use the recommended packages from 1&1, you will be paying $205 per year for your website - at a minimum. Of course, $9.99 per month doesn't sound so bad, but they make no mention of the hosting account that you will have to purchase as well - adding another $6.99 per month. Oh yea - and don't even think of selling anything on your website with that package - if you wanted to incorporate e-commerce on your website it would cost $29.99 per month - plus hosting. Grand total for the year: approximately $443. That's for one year!

PixelProgression can save you money on your website!

Our website packages start at $600 - and that's a one time fee. We can even work with your company to offer a payment schedule so that you can spread your website cost out over time. We offer a great Content Management System that is customizable to your every need. Custom text, image uploads, template customization and even E-Commerce management and processing is all possible when you utilize PixelProgression's services.

PixelProgression also designs all of our websites from scratch for a custom and non-template look. We want our client's websites to look great and represent their company in a unique way. We like to get input from the client about how they want the website to look - we can also add custom features like mailing lists. Contact Us today and save some money on your website!