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December 29th 2010

Virtual Reality Gaming is Right Around the Corner!

The Progression of Gaming

The Nintendo Wii was a revolutionary product when it first arrived in stores. The concept of getting up and actually moving your body in order to play video games brought on a big change in the gaming world. The change was inevitable - I'm actually surprised it took this long. Think about it - between duck hunt on the NES, the track-and-field mat and the over-the-top "Super Scope" controller, there have been so many in between steps to bring gaming to another dimension.

We continue to want to develop gaming. Make it seem more lifelike. Make it more enjoyable. Make it more like the real thing. Sure there is nothing wrong with grabbing a controller and playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops on multiplayer. There's also no problem with going out and playing some paintball with friends (or enemies) to get the feel of moving around and actually getting shot. Now me, I'm not much of a fan of pain - so paintball is out for me. I want somewhere in between - that gray area between actually being on the field and still not having to worry about the pain of getting hit by a bullet. The feel of holding an actual weapon and stalking my game enemies without having to actually turn my living room into a battle scene.

Kinect for XBox - No More Wands, No More Controllers, Just Your Body!

By now, if you haven't already played it, you've all seen commercials for Kinect. A brand new way to control your video games - with gestures from your entire body. The recognition of your body on the screen is awesome to see in real life, so if you have not played with Kinect yet, I highly recommend it. Fitness games that can actually track your entire body make working out so much more effective. The games allow for even two people to stand side by side and play. Ping-pong, darts, racing games - it's all possible and awesome. Steer your racing car by just putting your hands up like you're holding a steering wheel!

So now we can interact with our games in a more intuitive manner. We can give voice commands, also a feature of Kinect. We can use gestures to navigate menus as well as play our games. The only thing left is to somehow project ourselves into the game to actually feel like we're there. It may not be that far out of reach, especially with 3D televisions coming into the market.

3D Televisions are Becoming More Popular and Look Great!

Soon, everything you watch on TV will be readily available in 3D. Although it may seem to be a bit of a hassle to wear those tacky 3D glasses, it really adds a new depth to movies(pardon my "depth" pun). And soon those glasses will be a thing of the past as well. Companies are already developing TV's that are able to project 3D images without the use of glasses. It's amazing to see that these things are actually becoming possible now.

So picture it, you boot up your XBox complete with Kinect on your 3D Samsung Television. You start controlling the menus in a 3d environment just like something out of the movie "Johnny Mnemonic". And then the game starts. Your virtual reality experience awaits. Your 3D TV will eventually be able to project images far deeper than they currently can, and will be able to project a 3d world around you where you can actually step into the game all from the comfort of your living room.

A Movie To Visualize the Concept - Gamer I actually found the movie "Gamer" with Gerard Butler to be pretty cool. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't exactly the inspiration for this article, but it was something that came to my mind when I first starting writing this article. The movie illustrates how the concept of Virtual Reality gaming could work (minus the whole 'controlling another human being' thing), and it also does it in a visually stunning manner. If you haven't seen it, put it on your NetFlix - it's even available for streaming online.