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October 23rd 2010

OpenOffice - FREE Software - A Free Business Software Suite

Microsoft Office has been the prominent face in the world of business office software for years now. By combining this software with it's Microsoft Windows Operating System and Exchange Servers, Microsoft has been one of the sole providers of office computing software.

Lots of computers that you might buy from Best Buy or Staples come with a free trial of the Microsoft Office suite - but what do you do when that trial runs out? Most people aren't in need of all of the software in the suite, and the need for these programs sometimes is also minimal. Why spend a couple hundred dollars to use a software suite you may only use once or twice a year - maybe to type up a resume or create a budget sheet.

Here's the Programs OpenOffice Contains

  • Similar to Microsoft Word
  • Word Processing Program
  • Features include: AutoCorrect, AutoComplete, AutoFormat, Linking, Styling and More!
  • Calc
  • Similar to Microsoft Excel
  • Spreadsheet Program
  • Features include: Calculations, DataPivot Technology, Advanced Spreadsheet Function, Styling and More!
  • Impress
  • Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Slideshow and Presentation Program
  • Features include: 2D & 3D ClipArt, Fontworks, Special Animations and More
  • Draw
  • Similar to Microsoft Visio
  • Graphical Creation and Editing Program
  • Features include: Create Graphic and Diagrams, Rotate in 2D or 3D, Create Charts and More!
  • Base
  • Similar to Microsoft Access
  • Database Program
  • Features include: Database Creation and Editing, Queries, Forms, Linking and More!

  • It's FREE! Download it now!

    Download OpenOffice Here

    Even if you have Microsoft Office, you might like OpenOffice better! Since you can download it for free, why not try it out? This suite can be a great for your business - it is compatible with Microsoft Office so anything you send or receive from others will be able to open up in it's respective program. Download it today for free - and also make sure you check back to their website for updates and new versions.