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October 24th 2010

Create a Business and a Name

New Companies and Websites are Created Everyday

According to VeriSign, a global domain name registry company, over 11 million internet domain names have been registered in the past 12 months. This is an increase of about 6% from the previous 12 months. VeriSign also indicates that over 193 million internet domain names are now taken and unavailable to a new business. With all of those domain names already taken, it is imperative to name your company in a precise manner - one that will allow for recognition as well as a readily available URL.

Twitter, Google and Other Made Up Words

So who would have known that Twitter would be the most commonly used word in the English language in 2009, sited by Global Language Monitor. A made up word and even a made up verb - Tweet. Making up words to describe what your company does doesn't always work, though.

The true art of corporate naming is to be weird - but not too weird. Jay Jurisich, creative director at San Francisco-based naming and branding agency Igor, points to the array of companies that seem to have been assigned a random combination of letters: Xignux, Epizon, Spansion, Assurant, Primaxis, Qorus. "While every snowflake is technically unique," Jurisch says, "in a blizzard they all blend together and become indistinguishable."

Do Some Keyword Research and Name Your Business Accordingly!

Considering the fact that there are so many domain names already registered, naming your company is extremely important. Your company name and your website URL should be cohesive - you don't want to have a business name of ABC and tell clients your website address is

PixelProgression - We Do What You'd Think From Hearing Our Name

Unless you don't know what a pixel is, and in that case you probably wouldn't be searching for us in the first place, you could probably derive at least a notion as to what type of service we provide for our clients. If you're using existing words - they better had apply to your business strategy. If it's a made up word - good luck. That type of company will need lots of marketing and planning to provide for a successful launch. It can be done - as you can see with Twitter and Google - it will just take a lot of planning and work.