Computer Tips

October 20th 2010

Productivty Boost - Dual Monitors

Two is always better than one

Resizing, minimizing and maximizing windows is annoying and such a waste of time! Especially when you are using a laptop with a touchpad, just clicking the minimize button can lead to misclicks and such.

Comparing documents is tedious work. There was such a need to look at things side by side that Windows 7 now has a "Snap" feature that allows you to dock a window at the right and left sides of your monitor - splitting your screen in half for easy comparisons.

Increase your productivity - Implement a dual monitor setup

Studies have found that adding a second monitor to your computer can increase productivity by up to 30 percent! As a website developer, I love being able to edit code on one screen and view the finished product on the other.

Adding a second monitor to your current setup may be easier than you think. Lots of computer towers are configured with dual monitor outputs nowadays. Most laptops are also configured with a VGA port for outputting to another monitor or projector. If you need help with figuring out how to setup your second monitor contact PixelProgression.

Put your start menu on the left side and utilize the most space!

When you use dual monitor, sometimes there is a vertical space left on the bottom of the second monitor that allows room for the start menu to expand. This occurs in instances with monitors of different resolutions. Take a look at my left monitor:

I've docked my start menu on the left side of my monitor. It does not interfere with my second monitor at all. The start menu can also be docked on the right side of the screen, however I feel that it doesn't work as well docked there - everyone is used to things being aligned left.

To move the location of your docked start menu, do the following:

  • Right Click the start menu - make sure that "Lock the taskbar" is unchecked.
  • Drag and drop the start menu to another side
  • Once you click and hold on an area of the start menu, you can drag it to whichever side of the screen you would like - even the top! Try out each one and see how it works out. Increase your productiviy with a dual monitor!