Computer Tips

October 22nd 2010

LogMeIn - Free Remote Access

LogMeIn is Free! Try it out!

Have you ever been at a friend or colleagues house and wanted to show them something on your home computer? Maybe it was a video you favorited or an email you received. You probably at that time don't remember the exact website it was on - the only way you'd be able to pull it up would be to be at your home computer. Now here is where LogMeIn is useful - remotely control your computer over the internet - FOR FREE!

Install LogMeIn on your computer!

Before you can access your computer over the internet, you need to install the LogMeIn service on the computer you wish to access. Visit to register an account and install the software. During the installation, you're screen may flicker on and off - that is totally normal. If your Windows logon does not require a password to login, the installation will also ask you to setup a Computer Access Code. This code will act as a password to prevent from online predators accessing your machines.

LogMeIn is Safe and Secure

LogMeIn is safe to use. Like with any online service, you should really change your password to these accounts at least once or twice a year. Each computer is secured by two passwords - one to login to LogMeIn and another password to access the specific computer. LogMeIn - even the free version - allows you to setup LogMeIn on multiple computers accessible by one LogMeIn account. When you login to LogMeIn, you see a list of all the computers you have installed the service on.

PixelProgression monitors and services our client's computers using LogMeIn

The use of LogMeIn allows PixelProgression to remotely help our clients with problems they are having. From fixing errors that occur to giving online tutorials for how to use software, PixelProgression instantaneously helps our clients! We also use this feature to help in the development of websites - it's great to look at the same screen with someone over a teleconference to point out specific things they want to change on their website. Since both users can control the computer one at a time, it is a great collaboration tool.