Computer Tips

August 19th 2010

Don't Click That Virus!

The easiest virus to avoid - Just don't click it!

It might just happen to you - you're browsing the internet trying to kill some time. You're clicking a link or two, reading some articles, and then all of a sudden - Boom! You're computer seems to go to a wrongful page - maybe a popup appears, and then you see an animated image like the one below:

Don't Panic - Take a second to look at what's on the screen...

Upon seeing this image that appears to be a virus scanner showing that it is finding many virus' on your machine, many users might start to panic immediately and click things on the screen. The first thought is to click on the antivirus image, which appears to be an actual program on your computer.

It's not really a virus scanner!

That 'virus scanner' is not a virus scanner at all. It is simply an animated image that appears inside the internet browser. Take a second look at the image again - do you see how it is centered in the internet browser? The only thing you have to do in this case is to close out the internet browser. Clicking on the image in the center of the screen in any area will launch the virus and leave your computer infected!

A failure to launch programs

Most of these virus' attack your system registry and also install a fake anti-virus onto your machine. They tell you that you must upgrade to the paid version of the program in order to rid your computer of the virus. And sure enough, there is no way to operate your computer and the user would be inclined to buy this software. The virus itself makes the computer practically inoperable.

PixelProgression can still clean you up

We have taken these types of virus' off of many systems before. They are relatively easy to remedy, and after a quick legitimate virus scan you should be back into business in no time flat!