Computer Tips

October 22nd 2010

LogMeIn - Free Remote Access

LogMeIn is Free! Try it out! Have you ever been at a friend or colleagues house and wanted to show them something on your home computer? Maybe it was a video you favorited or an email you received. You probably at that time don't remember...Read More

October 20th 2010

Productivty Boost - Dual Monitors

Two is always better than one Resizing, minimizing and maximizing windows is annoying and such a waste of time! Especially when you are using a laptop with a touchpad, just clicking the minimize button can lead to misclicks and such....Read More

October 19th 2010

Backup Made Easy - SyncToy

Your data is important - Run a Backup Most people don't realize how valuable the data on their hard drive is until it's too late. Things such as music, important documents, receipts, e-mail, favorites and photos are important - imagine...Read More

August 19th 2010

Don't Click That Virus!

The easiest virus to avoid - Just don't click it! It might just happen to you - you're browsing the internet trying to kill some time. You're clicking a link or two, reading some articles, and then all of a sudden - Boom! You're computer...Read More