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August 14th 2010

A Pixel Revolution

A Partnership Between PixelProgression and Revolution Unlimited

Joe Brown of Revolution Unlimited has been working side-by-side with Jason Ciak of PixelProgression for almost two years now. After working on our first project together in the creation of the website, Joe and I felt like our working together would improve our service to our clients.

Almost two years and a few extra clients later, we are beginning to pick up steam. By word of mouth and also be utilizing our websites, we have begun to expand our client list.

PixelProgression and Revolution Unlimited - Our Joint Venture

We want to focus on your needs. Our clients have computer needs - plain and simple. The art of business is all about making the best use of your assets, and we want you to utilize all of the technology that you can! We can provide you with the ultimate support for your computer and website needs.

We do it all - Why go anywhere else?

We can provide you with support for any computer need. PixelProgression will focus on your computer systems and Revolution Unlimited will focus on your website. We both are capable of great service to our clients in either aspects, but by our companies splitting this load, our clients are always satisfied in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than waiting for a slow website developer or a non-existent computer consultant that you can never get in touch with. Let PixelProgression and Revolution Unlimited show you what we can do!

We've got testimonials to prove it!

Both our companies are an integral part to the creation of the elements you desire. We are very knowledgeable and efficient in helping our clients. Our ability to talk with our clients in conference calls and through LogMeIn remote sessions makes them feel like we are right there for them. Check out our testimonials...