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December 15th 2010

100 Pages for

You're looking at the one hundred and first page on

Since the redesign of the previous flash and XML based PixelProgression website, the new website has finally grown to over 100 pages! 100 pages of content. 100 pages of advertising. 100 pages of code that amount to a devoted owner running a business for clients that he supports on an everyday basis. 100 pages created since August of this year - that's just 5 months!

Here's to the next 100 pages - creating a Pixel Revolution

I would like to extend a special thank you to Joe Brown of Revolution Unlimited. Our partnership over the last year has brought both of our work to a new level. Our work ethic and verbal skills have provided all of our clients with a product that they can be proud of.

Furthermore, Revolution Unlimited's help in showing the coding for Smarty, JQuery and all of the other functionality in the PixelProgression website has turned out to be pivotal in this websites success. The new coding of the website allows for easy updating, as well as a sophisticated Content Management System to add content from any computer that has internet access.

First Quarter of 2011 -

You can expect to see an article or two about the launching of A combined effort of our "Pixel Revolution", we look to implement a free-to-join fundraising website that will process credit cards for registrants to raise money for their company, organization, cause or personal need. Implementing such features as blogs, photo galleries, user commenting and e-commerce, is bound to be the next big success for our Pixel Revolution!