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November 6th 2011

1&1 My Website - Expensive!

Would you really want to invest $203.76 into your website EVERY YEAR? As a website developer, PixelProgression is always keeping an eye on competition and it's respective pricing. Recently we've seen multiple commercials for 1&1 My...Read More

December 29th 2010

Virtual Reality Gaming is Right Around the Corner!

The Progression of Gaming The Nintendo Wii was a revolutionary product when it first arrived in stores. The concept of getting up and actually moving your body in order to play video games brought on a big change in the gaming world. The...Read More

November 13th 2010

Google TV - It's Amazing

The Internet Has Taken Over The Living Room - Bigger is Better! So you've got a group of friends over to watch the big game. Someone asks if you've seen the new Direct TV commercial - you know the "Opulence, I has it"...Read More