LogMeIn Installer

Let PixelProgression fix your computer remotely!

Computer running slow? Take forever to turn on? In most instances, a quick computer cleanup and update can dramatically improve performance.

Install LogMeIn and let us help you!

Click Here to install the LogMeIn software.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions. If the install asks you to create a "Computer Access Code", make sure you write it down(you can always change it later).
  • Contact Jason Ciak at JCiak@PixelProgression.net or at (732) 707-1190. He will need to get the Computer Access Code to be able to login to your machine, as well as setup a time for your computer cleanup.
  • Sit back and watch! We will login and take care of your computer problem - you can even watch if you want to!
  • Once the software is installed on your machine, we can only login after receiving certain criteria with you. PixelProgression will never login to your computer without your consent, and can also uninstall the remote software upon our completion if you wish. Try it out - Let PixelProgression login to your computer and see an improvement in your computers performance!

    OLV LogMeIn Link